Get an MOT reminder

How many times have you used an MOT checking service only to discover your MOT has already expired. I used to rely on my local garage to call me a few weeks before the MOT was due, but they’ve not got the time, or maybe couldn’t be bothered, to offer that service anymore

Email or Text Reminder

Well good news is here – the website now offers a FREE to use MOT reminder service. It’s simple to use and I have now used it for both our work vans, my motorbike and both our family cars. The service offered by is simple to use and is currently being offered to owners of cars, motorbikes, lorries, buses and lorry trailers. All you need either an email address or mobile phone number.

How does it work

Before you start you will need

  1. The vehicle registration number
  2. An email address for the reminder email or a mobile phone number for the text reminder

Step 1

Choose the type of reminder you wish to receive

Step 2

Enter the email address or mobile phone number for the reminder message

Step 3

Enter the registration number of the vehicle you want the reminder  email / text for

Step 4

Confirm this is the correct vehicle – do NOT proceed if you have entered the wrong number plate details .. start again

Now just press CONTINUE and you will receive your MOT reminder by text or email. For cars and motorbikes – you’ll receive a reminder one month before your MOT due date. You will then get another reminder 2 weeks before your MOT is due (if you’ve not already had it tested and passed). For lorries, buses and lorry trailers – you’ll will receive your reminder 2 months before your MOT due date. You will receive another 1 month before your MOT is due if you still have NOT had the vehicle MOT tested.

Sign Up Now and never miss another MOT due date

If you would like to take part in the MOT reminder service please proceed to the website.



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